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Saletta Dupree
Saletta Dupree
63 y/o
London, United Kingdom flag
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All my emotions show right through my eyes.. Those who know me - have seen many different sides.. Some flamboyant others conservative, but all fun and spontaneous to say the least Smile

Photos in Albums For All My Friends... I must say that being a grandmother has made me do strange things like roll around in the grass like a kid with the kids......

One day, I plan to be a grownup!... No, thats crazy talk Smile

I am looking for some bizarre, interesting and otherwise "normal" friends to break the boredom of the day...

I love to travel to different places on a moment's notice just to say I've been there - so send me a note - just maybe I will come see what is beautiful in your back yard..

This website is called "Megafriends" meaning..... lots of them.... friends.... not dates or lovers or etc. - Etc.. meaning the few remaining folk that tend to be weird, bizarre, and/or otherwise... lawyers... (smiling)... sooo... relax... hang out and just maybe you will make some friends, win some hearts and just when you think you will have to search forever, there she will be... the right one for you...

If I could smile and give it to you, I would.. if you gave it back to me I would accept, other than that.. life just happens.

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